09 Nov 2017

More than English, Values for Life

Over the past 30 years, I have seen and experienced how the Helen Doron methodology has helped children successfully learn English. While I am gratified that the method has been effective, I was interested to hear from teachers, teacher trainers, franchisees and Master Franchisors that the effectiveness of the method has gone beyond the classroom and has individually changed their family lives, their relationships and even the way they do business.

I am not surprised because the Helen Doron method isn’t about just teaching English; it gives the teachers and their students a mind-set and a foundation for success that extends beyond the classroom.

I was recently contacted through social media by a gentleman who told me that the methodology had a lasting impact on him. A former Helen Doron English teacher, he understood that the learning process is dynamic and that it is necessary to adapt content and the method for learning to match the stage and level of development of the learner.  As his teaching experience and career role changed, he moved to the U.S. and was able to take the tools he learnt in his HDE teacher training and successfully apply them to his work in industrial design.

Helen Doron teachers are trained to provide positive reinforcement and build on how children naturally learn. The whole process of learning reinforces for the child that ‘yes, he can!’ He is encouraged and nurtured and this support is, in so many ways, counter to the traditional methods of teaching and even, of parenting. The methodology teaches people and takes them through a process of how to give feedback and how to help children grow. This positive approach creates a healthy mind set which affects all our relationships, not just those in the classroom.

This is how parents should encourage their children. While parents might feel that they need to be critical or negative, it is truly unnecessary. When parents understand that positive reinforcement is a wonderful example for their children, it can extend to all their relationships. Family life improves, even professionally to train others; it can be used anywhere.

Helen Doron English teacher training courses not only provide international qualifications that allow the teacher to teach anywhere in the world, but gives them valuable life skills. In our teacher trainer courses, I see teachers go through a process. It is not just learning how to give positive feedback, it is about reaching deeper, learning to go back inside and be a child and come out in a positive manner. The playfulness brings the teacher out and teaches them techniques that they can use for life. I would not be surprised if people come on the course just to be deeply ingrained in our philosophy. They are being given skills for life.

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