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Spooky jokes for English lovers


  • What is a scarecrows favorite fruit? — STRAW-berries.
  • What is the most important subject a witch learns in school? — Spelling.
  • What kind of roads do ghosts haunt? — Dead ends.
  • How do you make a witch itch? —  Take away the W
  • Why don’t ghosts like rain? — It dampens their spirits.
  • What did the scarecrow say to the kid dressed up as corn? — That costume is a-MAZE-ing.
  • Why do witches wear name tags? — So they will know which witch is which.
  • Why didn’t the scarecrow eat dinner? — He was already stuffed.
  • What kind of monster loves to disco? — The boogieman.
  • Why do people like vampires so much? — Because they are FANGtastic.
  • What does a cool witch ride instead of a motorcycle? — A Brrrrrr – oomstick.
  • How do you make a skeleton laugh? — Tickle its funny bone.